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Nagios Administration Tool as Webmin Module - a fork of NagMIN

NagMIN (c) Copyright (c) 2003 - Fred Reimers
Nagios (c)2009-2012 Nagios Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

From my point of view NagMIN is the best configuration tool for Linux. Unfortunately the development looks like frozen. In the past I had also made changes on the source code to make NagMIN working with never versions of Nagios. After deciding to give Shinken a chance and looking around for other config tools I started this fork of NagMIN.

Because it look like there is no development over so many years I found it cool to name it as analogy of the movie 'Short Circuit' and the German title 'Nummer 5 lebt! ' or if you like it more to the table tennis rubber 'Yasaka Mark V'.

What are the main differences?

It works with newer versions of Nagios and Shinken!

  • Other major changes are:
  • History function
  • Automatic backups
  • Improved search because blob is changed to text
  • Multiselect instead of standard select form

Advantages compared to other Nagios admin tools?

  • Clear database structures
  • Great search function
  • All advantages that you get from Webmin integration


  • Look and feel is not so eye candy
  • Sometimes are problems with dependencies of tables


  • Improve usability
  • More tests in production
  • .. see extra list

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